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Adur Voluntary Action (AVA) is an independent movement of voluntary, community and charitable groups and a registered charity founded in 1959. Our members work co-operatively to support one another in mutual aid, self-help, and the building of warm, trusting networks of activity.

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Adur Outdoor Pursuits Centre

Are people interested in a possible campaign for restoration of the former centre to an appropriate community use, focussing on enjoying and preserving the natural environment and wildlife, outdoor activities and South Downs access, for younger people as well as adults, families, older people and those living with disabilities?

We are collectively sitting on a huge wasted public asset, in a beautiful location, with superb access to river, sea and Downs, and embodying a whole range of potential community resources.

If there is sufficient interest, we will convene a meeting.

We hope that by now everyone knows who AVA is and how to contact us, and if not, that you are sufficiently interested to find out! Thanks all.

A rare Job opportunity in research

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    Policy and Research Officer 22 February 2017

    We are seeking an enthusiastic and hard-working Policy and Research Officer to join our busy Communications, Evaluation and Learning Team. You will help the Trust build our evidence and keep up-to-date with the latest policy developments.

    Job Description

    We are looking for a Policy and Research Officer who can help us demonstrate the impact of what we do, and has knowledge and experience of evaluation and research, alongside a broad knowledge of health inequalities. The post-holder will provide high-level analysis needed to help us understand a range of issues. You will be using data and your quantitative and qualitative research background to make a real difference for people who bear the brunt of health inequalities.

    This opportunity comes at an exciting time for the Trust, as we generate increasing amounts of evidence about the impact of our work and develop our policy function.

    To view the full Job Description, click here.

    To view the Trust's staff structure, click here.

    To download an Equal Opportunities Form, click here.

    To apply

    If you are interested in applying for this exciting position please send your CV with a covering letter no longer than 500 words in length explaining how your experience matches the specified criteria.

    Please send your CV, covering letter and, optionally, your Equal Opportunities Form, by 5pm on Thursday 9 March 2017.

    Interviews will be held on Friday 17 March 2017.

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    People's Health Trust is an independent charity working to address health inequalities across Great Britain.

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    Job opportunity

    Recruiter VAAC

    Location West Sussex – office base Bognor Regis

    Salary NJC 46 £ 41,025

    Posted 22nd February

    Closes 20th March


    Contact Hilary Spencer

    Industry: Charities,

    Hours: Full time (37 / week)

    Contract: Initially 1 year

    Listing type Job vacancy

    An exciting opportunity has arisen for a Project and Development Manager to spearhead Pathfinder West Sussex – for better wellbeing on behalf of the West Sussex Mental Health Alliance.

    You will support Mental Health Alliance Providers to translate the service model, contractual terms and performance indicators into operational practice, ensuring that the Pathfinder becomes an integral element of the wider Mental Health Pathway across West Sussex. You will lead on the delivery and achievement of Alliance targets, goals and outcomes.

    Key responsibilities include:

    • Work with Alliance Providers to develop and implement a support model for people who use services

    • Develop and implement plans for operationalisation of and delivery of Alliance work

    • Develop and lead on implementing the communication and marketing strategy

    • Help establish and monitor reporting systems

    • To lead on the development, and administration of, robust financial management systems

    • Work with the Alliance to develop systems for the collection and collation

    of performance indicator data.

    • Take lead responsibility for developing and delivering contract performance reports and ensuring implementation, and actions plans are up-dated, and delivered to the agreed schedule.

    • Support Alliance Providers to maximise accessibility of services

    • Work with Alliance Providers to create a structure and ethos whereby all partners contribute to the development of Pathfinder and delivery of Pathfinder activities

    • Support the alliance partners in managing in quality assurance, ensuring the accountability of individual providers

    We will be pleased to receive your application with evidence of the following experience:

    • Significant experience of managing a wide range of stakeholders at different levels.

    • Track record of project management

    • Experience of operating in a supporting and/or advisory role to improve outcomes and performance of others

    • Understanding of the Mental Health landscape at a local and national level

    • Experience of working with voluntary organisations is desirable

    • Ability to work with others in a coaching style, encouraging reflection and lateral thinking to solve problems and develop plans.

    • Collaborative and good at building relationships, both internally and with external stakeholders

    For an application pack please go to :-

    or telephone: 01243 840305

    Waterstones - a model for the voluntary sector?

    Waterstones - a model for the local voluntary sector?

    Yes, under MD James Daunt they took a step back from digital standardisation and marketing by website or email, appointed shop managers who knew their areas and loved books (yes, its true!) and began to engage humanly with customers. Result? Waterstones are back in the black and opening new stores all over the place.

    People are fed up with anonymity, call minding systems and all the rest. The local voluntary sector has tended to resist such trends, but as organisations merge into bigger structures, it's come amongst us in a big way. Yet, isn't it obvious that local charities have two unique selling points. They know their places, and they are personal.

    Take a look in Waterstones in Haywards Heath or Lewes, and savour the difference. Then give some thought to what we can do in the voluntary sector to reclaim our natural territory.

    En avance!

    Social Value and Infrastructure for System Change

    Minister announces review of Social Value Act

    Not exactly stunning news, as it has never been implemented properly or given any teeth, and funders do not even bother to pay lip service.

    In principle the Social Value Act should support locally based charities by forcing commissioners to recognise and value the spin-off benefits of their activities, when considering procurement of services. The Social Value Act should help to sustain an active local voluntary sector within each place. Nationally, it has failed in this.

    Meanwhile, Collaborate have issued "Building Collaborative Places: infrastructure for system change" ( This report comes up with the conclusion that, despite the local voluntary sector being forced into an aggressively competitive mould, it remains none the less prepared to respond to a new "gravitational pull that is towards collaboration for shared outcomes". There are apparently nine building blocks of system infrastructure, all of which are undermined by a fundamental inconsistency in government policy (promote competition and austerity, plead for co-operation). So here in Adur, "systems leaders" would be asked whether all this is in place:

    • Place-based strategies and plans
    • Governance by collaborative leadership
    • Local accountability through shared outcomes
    • Collaborative commissioning driven by social value
    • Culture change towards collaboration
    • Integrated delivery
    • Evidence based evaluation (yes, sic)
    • Collaborative shared space, online or personal
    It's really quite interesting, but unfortunately undermined by what is not said and the questions that are intentionally unaddressed.

    Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group winds-up Voluntary Sector Innovation Fund

    Letter received from Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group

    (We couldn't possibly comment)

    9 February 2017

    You will be aware that for the last few years Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group, and the Primary Care Trust before it, has offered funding to the Voluntary Sector through its Innovation Fund.

    These grants of up to £5,000 financed projects and schemes that supported the health priorities of the organisation.

    It is with regret that I am writing to inform you that we can no longer afford to run the Innovation Fund.

    The NHS nationally, and Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group, is under increasing financial pressure and we have to look at all our spend to ensure that we can continue to provide health services for our local population.

    We value the work of the voluntary sector enormously and know that the schemes that our Innovation Fund has financed in the past have had a positive impact on the lives of our residents.

    However, we simply have to prioritise our spending on the direct health services that our communities need. As an organisation, we are forecasting a multi-million pound deficit and we face some very difficult and challenging decisions in the future.

    I appreciate that this is disappointing news and would like to thank you for your understanding.

    Glynn Dodd Chief of Development and Transformation NHS Coastal West Sussex Clinical Commissioning Group

    Ken Loach BAFTA speech

    Here's a link, so that people can judge for themselves (rather than rely upon one MP's opinion) the relevance of what Ken Loach had to say - and had expressed in a different way in I, Daniel Blake

    Mill Hill development

    Mill Hill development and impact on environment and public footpath

    Reproduced as received and have not yet studied in detail:


    I'm writing to inform you, and hopefully bring public awareness to a Southern Water Nitrate Plant Build at the base of Mill Hill Nature Reserve. It will require the temporary, possibly permanent closure of the public right of way linking Mill Hill to Steyning Road / the Adur trails. It will also create a eye sore on the landscape from Mill Hill and the surrounding area.

    The build will be commencing shortly and last 9 months. The site traffic route is approved down the public footpath (see attached PDF). Adur approved it but didn't mention the PROW in the application documents, I think that I was the first person to realise and point it out to them. They said they will close it temporarily or permanently but they no alternate route proposed or even accessible through other land.

    The plant is mainly permitted development and not detailed on the application but the attached PDF shows what the plant itself looks like and location. The application is not on Adur public portal and has not been advertised to the public. If you want to review it then go here-

    Amazingly the South Downs Nation Park Landscape Officer was not consulted for visual impact. Ecology report states no impact on any species – I'm not sure this is true. The latest news is that a one mile access road, with tarmac at 5 meters wide needs to be created from Steyning Road to the site.

    I have the suspicion that it is a rubber stamp situation and they are banking on the public remaining largely unaware. My parents own land adjacent to the site and I have read a lot about this. Feel free to ask any questions or if you want to verify any information / answers you get from SDNPA or Adur then please feel free to reach out.

    Please forward on to anyone else you feel may want to know about this.

    Best, Shaun.

    If you feel the urge to Inquire-

    James Appelton (Head of Planing at Adur) -

    Martin Randall (Director of Planning at Adur) -

    Alex Bailey ( CEO of Adur) -

    Roy Little (Planning link officer between Adur / SDNPA) -

    Tim Slaney (Director of Planning at SDNPA) -

    Trevor Beattie (CEO of SDNPA) -

    Robin Parr (Head of Governance SDNPA)

    Timothy Loughton (Local MP) -

    Public right of way Team (WSCC PROW) -

    Signs of Spring in Shoreham

    First primroses in Old School House garden

    New diplay board

    Excellent new display board at The Old School House made by Company Paradiso and Esteem